When talking about using social media to market your business, it's generally just the major names like Twitter and Facebook which would grab the spotlight. Well, there are apparent reasons for this. They're the most in demand social media sites with millions of users. Which entrepreneur would not want to take advantage of this?


But, there are a lot of more social platforms at that are lesser known but can do equally well in promoting your business to the online world, and Instagram belongs to these platforms. Instagram can provide you a simple way of not only growing your own business, but in reaching your targeted audiences as well.


Millions of Users


Instagram has over 150 million users that are actively using it. This number may still be much smaller compared to those two other social media platforms mentioned above, although what you should note is the time-frame in which this app has managed to grow. It was first available in 2010; thus, it's quite commendable. Also, it shows promises for growth in the future.


Business-like Feel


When compared to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is quite more personal. It has that business feel, which is why 70% of those leading brands in the world chose to play here. It means serious business. Well, a survey have showed that the Instagram users would tend to like, comment and share on the brand postings more frequently compared other kinds of social media websites.


Editing Flexibility


Through Instagram, you don't just have a chance to upload your original videos and photos, but you could edit them as well so they will be more relevant with your business. Its filters let you add effects you like through playing with lines, vignettes and colors. Get more idea about service marketing at


Visual Appeal


Well, the capability to share experiences and stories visually through a visual content would be a factor which continues to gain more users in this site. Consumers opt for visual content since it's simpler to read, understand as well as share instead of having to read several pages of contents.


It's Fit For Every Business



If you consider Instagram as well as the visual contents it's working with, well the first thing which comes to your mind would be that it's quite suitable for those product-based companies. Using it, you could put up photos of those products you're selling or videos showing product demo. Using it isn't limited to certain businesses. Service and product-based companies could both use it, learn more here!